luni, 1 august 2016

Bucharest International Air Show 2016

 IAR 99 Șoim or Hawk - a high performance trainer aircraft build by Romanian company IAR
 C27 Spartan - military transport aircraft in the service of the Romania Air Force.
 IAR 330 Puma Medevac - built by Romanian company IAR under license from Aerospatiale.
 Suhoi 27 air superiority fighter in all it's glory.
 F15 Eagle air superiority fighter and the main rival for the Suhoi 27.
 US Air Force Hercules

 B 25 bomber in all it's chrome glory.
A beautiful US Navy Corsair.
The famous Iakers doing what they do best, amaze a crowd with WWII era aircraft.

The Czech are under attack.
Tarom Boeing 737 - 800 in the 60th anniversary livery.
Some insane low flying at 650 kph from a very talented Tarom pilot.
737 - 800 being flown like a fighter some more.
Corsair and B 25 in the hands of  the flying bulls was a joy to see.

Loops in a 70 year old B 25 not what you expect to see every day.

Some very majestic IAR gliders dancing in the sky.
One of many MiG 21 formations being loud with their afterburners.

IAR 330 Puma from the 90th air base.

F - 18 Hornet delighted the crowd some more.

The amazing Romanian Hawks tearing the sky with the extra 300 and 330sl.

A new record of 22 barrel rolls in a vertical dive.
The extremely hard cobra maneuver done with ease and grace by an extremely talented pensioner, the mad man JURGIS KAIRYS.

And the main attraction Suhoi 27 blowing off our eardrums.